Registered Access

By enabling Registered Access the user has to provide the data requested (i.e email address) before being provided Internet access.

Before setting the Login Page to Registered Access you need to configure the Email Setup page.
Registered access settings Registered access data collection permits three data fields to be specified, and has the option to check the format of the data entered.

In addition to collecting the three data fields, two boxes can be checked to collect the users computer MAC address and the users web browser type. The collected information is sent to the email provided in the field below and the email subject can be entered to permit email readers direct the emails to a different folder.

Finally a field is available for programmers who wish to write the collected data directly to a server database. Implementation of this option required the hotspot operator to program a server application that will listen for information packages and store them in a database.

No personal details are stored on the gateway. Registed login page When clicking in "terms and conditions" the user will be redirected to a page with the disclaimer information. You can see how to edit the disclaimer here.