Internet service providers

Internet service providers

Sell mobile broadband and fixed wireless access anywhere using Starlink

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IT service businesses

IT service businesses

Add managed WiFi solutions for your hospitality and vacation destination customers

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Managed service providers

Managed service providers

Manage your hospitality customers using the free Guest Internet cloud service

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Systems integrators

Systems integrators

Two powerful API's integrate with hotel PMS and campground reservation systems

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What is Guest Internet? What does it do?

- Guest Internet controllers help businesses around the world to provide a great WiFi service for guests and visitors.
- Hundreds of features ensure that a business can share the Internet connection efficiently with many people.
- Customize the WiFi service to promote the business and services.
- Control the Internet service to prevent abuse of the WiFi service and avoid network congestion.
- Guest Internet products can be managed using either English or Spanish with English and Spanish documentation.

Discover what our Internet controllers can do for your business WiFi

Our videos demonstrate everything you need to know about managing your business WiFi

VIDEO: Introduction to Guest Internet applications

The starting point to discover the uses of Guest Internet products.

VIDEO: Configuration training for technical installers

A comprehensive guide to Guest Internet product configuration.

VIDEO: Share an Internet service with community residents

Guest Internet permits many people to access one Internet service.

VIDEO: Guest WiFi is essential for hospitality businesses

Guest Internet ensures that hospitality guests get a great Internet service.

What can Guest Internet controllers do for my business?

- A comprehensive WiFi management solution in English and Spanish.
- Control the business Internet to provide a great WiFi service for guests and visitors.
- Speed the customers WiFi access, ensuring fast and reliable connectivity.
- Set speed and data limits, specify how long people can stay connected to the WiFi.
- Establish limitations to prevent WiFi service abuse and network congestion.

Other business opportunities for Guest Internet controllers.

- Offer free and paid WiFi in campuses, condominiums and co-living spaces.
- Control and sell WiFi access in rural communities using a satellite service.
- Portable use for special events such as music concerts where WiFi access is needed.

What do travelers think about the WiFi service they get at their destinations?

Motels, hotels, resorts, boutique hotels, hostel, inn, suites, campsite, glamping, RV park, RV resort, caravan parks, Airbnb, lodge, holiday parks, villas, bed & breakfast


of travelers will only book a destination that has WiFi


of travelers use the destination WiFi to work remotely


consider internet speed when booking a destination


of travelers use social media with the destination WiFi


of travelers will not return to a destination with poor WiFi


of travelers do work related tasks via the destination WiFi


of young travelers play on-line games using the destination WiFi


of Americans must have WiFi at the destination while on vacation
Travelers know that the quality of the WiFi service varies widely at each destination, and can be anywhere between "cannot connect" to "lightening fast dowload speeds". Guest Internet controllers have many features that ensure a WiFi connection maintains speed while being shared efficiently between many people.
All of our WiFi controllers include a firewall that will protect your business from potential WiFi network cyber attacks. Guest Internet controllers also monitor the network and send an alert if any failure occurs.
A Guest Internet managed WiFi service will delight your guests and get your hospitality business good reviews that will bring frequent returns.
A woman and man using a phone in a hotel resort

A few of the places where people expect to get a good WiFi service

Download the datasheets for more information about how Guest Internet products can provide an excellent managed WiFi service at each destination. Happy guests give good reviews.

A photo of a boutique hotel with trees

Hotel and Motel

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A photo of a glamping tent with a table outside with food

Camping, RV's

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A photo of a boat in a marina


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restaurant WiFi using managed WiFi

Restaurant, Bar

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A photo a people sitting in a cybercafe using the internet


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A photo os school children working on homework


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WiFi Internet installed in student apartments

Student Apts.

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WiFi Intenet installed in a public librart for visitors

Public Library

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A photo of a crowded trade show

Trade Show

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A photo of a dental clinic with WiFi for patients

Medical Clinic

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A photo of a car dealer selling a car to a couple

Auto Dealer

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A photo of people using online bible study


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A photo of a man arriving at an Airbnb property with a lady handing in the key


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A photo of a restaurant where people can have food or coffee


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A photo of a vegetarian pizza with WiFi Internet at the franchise


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A photo of a woman having a cup of coffee while watching a Youtube video on her computer using the hotel WiFi


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Some of our customers:

Guest Internet controllers provide a great WiFi management service for every type of business

Guest Internet managed WiFi products are widely used by hospitality businesses.
Motels, hotels, resorts, campgrounds, glamping, RV parks and caravan parks.
Guest Internet products are used in 65+ countries.
Large scale applications with many thousands of users rely on Guest Internet managed WiFi controller products to provide a great WiFi service.
Large resorts, international airports, trade shows, hospitals and sports stadiums.
All Guest Internet products include a free cloud management subscription that can support an unlimited number of Guest Internet products with one account.
Manage one or many Guest Internet controllers remotely.
Monitor network products and the ISP connections for failure and get alerts.
Monitor one or more ISP connections for congestion so that fast corrective action can be taken.
Two powerful application program interfaces (API's) for integration with property management and reservation systems.

The Guest Internet gateway advanced product technology features provide flexibility for any type of public WiFi Internet application

Easy to install and use
Easy custom login page
Login targeted marketing
Eight login methods
Firewall protection
Free and paid access
Integration with device API
Print access codes
240 page product manual
No fees or service charges
Failure monitoring, alerts
Protection against viruses
Multiple analysis reports
No user limit for login
Multiple ISP's for reliability
Free secure cloud service
Integration with cloud API
Support, English & Spanish
Robust, reliable, affordable
Free support and upgrades
Photo of Guest Internet Managed WiFi product software demonstration

Guest Internet:

Technology Innovations

Guest Internet advanced managed WiFi technology powers our range of affordable and reliable products with configurations for any type of business that provides WiFi Internet for the public

Public WiFi anywhere

Provide public WiFi at any remote location in the world with Starlink.

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Cybersecure and safe

Protect the business from a cyber attack when providing public WiFi.

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Advanced cloud system

The free cloud service includes API's for systems integrators.

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Hospitality dual use WiFi

One wireless network provides isolated WiFi for guests and staff.

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No learning curve

Guest Internet software is powerful, intuitive and simple to use.

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