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Internet Hotspot PCI DSS Compliance

PCI DSS is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. All businesses that bill customer credit cards have to comply with PCI DSS rules.

Any retail business, such as a restaurant or coffee bar, that provides a Hotspot Internet service to customers is at risk of having the PoS hacked and credit card data stolen.

Many retailers give free Wi-Fi Internet for guests and visitors. For restaurants and coffee bars the Internet Hotspot attracts customers. However care must be taken when installing the Internet Hotspot as a mistake can open the point of sale (PoS) credit card information to hackers. PCI DSS states that the Internet Hotspot cannot use the same Internet circuit as the PoS, unless it is separated by a firewall.

A Guest Internet gateway has a PCI DSS compliant firewall that permits the Internet Hotspot to use the same Internet circuit as the PoS, economizing on cost. The Guest Internet gateway can also prevent abuse by controlling data speeds and by filtering Internet content. Internet guest speed controls ensure that the service is shared equally among guests to eliminate complaints about slow Internet speeds.

An important Guest Internet feature is the ability to block illegal downloads and prevent guests sharing copyrighted music and video files to ensure your business does not get a DMCA notice and your Internet service disconnected.

The gateway can also be used to block Websites or block website categories and increase views of the business Website using the custom login page feature.