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Collecting email addresses from hotspot users

The GIS units allow you to collect email addresses and other user details which can be used for marketing and promotion to your customer base. When a user logs in, they are required to enter their details before gaining internet access (configured in the admin interface). These details are then sent to you via email or HTTP post.

When using one of our standard login pages you can collect up to three pieces of data, though more data can be collected with a custom design.

We offer two options for the delivery of the collected data:

  •   • By email to the hotspot manager (one email per login)
  •   • To a server for storage in a database

No personal details are stored on the gateway

The hotspot gateway uses HTTP POST to send the details to a server, any script capable of processing HTML forms will be able to collect the data and process it. Examples in Perl and PHP can be provided.

Example Wi-Fi Hotspot login page

The screen below shows the data collection settings for the hotspot gateway:

Login Page Configuration

Customizing the Hotspot login page

The Wi-Fi Hotspot login page can be customized in 3 different ways:

  •   1. Selecting from one of 12 built-in designs
  •   2. Uploading an image with a logo or picture
  •   3. Uploading a professionally designed login page

The built-in wizard is easy to use; simply select a picture, give the hotspot a name, some contact details and a message for the guests.

See a demo of the hotspot login page wizard.

Hotspot login page customization

The login page can also be professionally designed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The custom design is often used to give the Hotspot login page the same appearance as the Hotspot owner's web site, reinforcing the brand and providing a familiar look and feel to guests.

Other pages can also be uploaded with the login page to create a browsable web site on the Hotspot. Pages containing restaurant menus, legal texts (terms/discalimers) or support information can easily be displayed to guests.

'Walled gardens' can be set up so the guest can browse web sites, including the owner's and partner's web sites, before having to log in or pay for access.

Custom Hotspot login page